woensdag 21 november 2012

My introduction

Hello there, and thank you for taking the time to glance at my new blog.

This is not the first blog I've made, but hopefully this will be the one to last. I had been thinking about why my other blogs failed, and I've come to the conclusion that perhaps its my goal that played a roll. What is my goal? To inform, to enlighten. So that's why in my earlier blogs I invited people to take a seat, make your pillow comfortable and sip from their hot tea or coffee while I lecture about the stuff I love. ?

And that's where I choked.

I guess I'm not much of a lecturer - yes I can go on for hours and hours talking about these stuff, comics and proses especially, but at some point this is not really enlightening. Learning stuff isn't just sitting and hearing stuff being said to you, or saying stuff to people the whole time. You learn by communicating. I can plead my case, but I'll choke if I don't have someone who asks the questions "why", "how so" and or "explain..?" etc.

So here we are. A new blog, a new approach.

No lavish reviews, or deep analytic stuff right on the main page. I have been notified by minions that there is an "edit" button to the blog. So instead I'll work like this: I'll post my review or my thoughts about a subject briefly here (though there is a possibility I'll publish longer works) and I'll spread the information generally but still with my flair of opinion. If there are any questions, I'll answer those in comments, and incorporate that in the article. So when you visit old works, you might see new stuff right off the bat, rather than strolling through comments. Otherwise, if there are no in depth question's, I'll still add extra stuff over time. Dont worry though: I'll make a weekly update about stuff being added in blogs, and schedules for coming weeks too.

So, I've been talking alot about my intentions and all, lets now go to my subjects. What shall this blog be about?

Well comics, duhh.

Ofcourse not only comics. Here's a list of possible subjects:
- Comics
- Prose novels/novella's/short stories
- Art
- Story telling tips
- Recent Events
- Controversial topics like: Racism, feminism, anarchism,  etc.
- Philosophy

Well, keep in mind that comics are the main focus of this blog. I read TONS of comics, so there is no excuse for me not to publish something atleast once per week. Whether its a one issue review or a whole story arc. The other stuff are going to be sporadic and things that are at that moment, bugging my mind.

I support discussion and questions, and do my best to address them. As long as you, the reader and commenter, do your best to stay polite and open minded.

*steps off soapbox*
Thank you for your time, and may this blog fare well.

~ Zerachiel van Mark

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