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The Truth about the Rise and Fall of Krypton

By: L. Lane, Z. Mark, M. Hamilton
From: The Daily Planet, 2004 (Editor C. Kent)

Not many people know about the planet Krypton or the culture of the Kryptonians, no one can even start speculating. Their histories started with the death of the first star of the universe, and thus have evolved beyond comprehension of the other species in the universe. Some suspect that perhaps only the Guardians of the Galaxy might have specific knowledge about the progression of the Kryptonians[1], though they refuse to the discuss the matter of death civilizations in favor of policing presently living ones. Therefore it seemed that knowledge about one of the oldest civilizations of the universe would forever been lost.

The past sense in the previous sentence is used accordingly – recently, with help of Metropolis own Man of Tomorrow, scientists and journalist have uncovered many details about the Kryptonian society. The Kryptonians used crystals as a form of data-preservation, and from birth the hero known as Superman has always carried half a dozen of them. During his twenties Superman went into isolation in a location not specified[2], which was custom build to extract and read the information from the crystals. However, most of this information are advance physics, math, chemistry, astrology, martial art, spirituality and even Earth’s philosophies and spiritualism. None of this however, is directly history. Initially it would seem that the father of Superman (Jor-El, making the true name of Superman Kal-El) had some sort of adversary against history or that it simply wasn’t high regarded in Kryptonian culture.

However, I can argue that not only was history not frowned upon in their culture, but it was very high regarded! So high in fact, that it stopped being a thing of its own and instead broke through in other academics. Combining philosophy with martial arts, spirituality, and even astrology, we can at least guess a time line of events that lead from Krypton’s rise to its inevitable demise, and even reveal a huge misunderstanding most people have about Krypton. During the rest of this essay I will not yet reveal how each element helped form Kryptons history, since even explaining kryptionian breathing methods will fill a book. Perhaps in future papers, we shall take a closer look into these aspects. But for now:


Krypton is called one of the universe oldest civilizations. Some of the intergalactic policeforce even joke that by the time Krypton started, the Gaurdians of the Galaxy still had dark hair. However, what we do know is that prehistoric Krypton was a place of savagery. The strongest ruled, but there was never one strongest. It was a planet of violence and viciousness, and proto-Kryptonians worked hard to take over the top, and eliminating much of their own race to survive. However having so much vicious enemies together also meant the Kryptonians had no other way to evolve than vicious killerbeast themselves.

And then their sun did something odd, perhaps it ejected a solar flare or absorbed a meteor. We cannot say exactly what the sun did that killed 70% of is inhabitants and gained the respect of the proto-Kryptonians. Afterwards the sun was worshipped fiercely, dubbed Rao or something similar. While their natural predators had been mostly eliminated, a persistent worldwide winter broke out and the ancient Kryptonians believed that Rao has been engaged in a war against Cythonna, the Goddess of Ice and Venominous creatures.
This is what most probable accelerated the evolution of Kryptonians, with astrology, chemistry and martial art playing an important role in their daily lives. The Martial art was a precursor to Torquasm-Vo and Torquasm-Rao, stressing the importance of controlling the body but also focusing primitive savage rage in tactical situations.

As we know, evolution is a constant change of state to adapt to a certain setting. After the Kryptonians had adapted themselves into using tools to survive the cold and gather food, they suddenly had to adapt themselves to their own technology. We will soon revisit this to explain how Kryptonians look exactly like humans, but for now its important to know that about this age, the Kryptonians have reached a civilization comparable to 19th century Europe. Violence and authority was still a big part of Kryptonian nature, and added here was pride and arrogance.

But then everything changed with the arrival of two people. The first was a discipline of Rao who is sometimes used in spirituality as the personification of the sun. Compare him to Mozes, Jesus and Buddha, preaching people about a new, rational way of living[3]. However, all his efforts might have been in vain if it wasn’t for a man he never met before and even lived on the other side of the globe. Guided by an (surprisingly enough, his name is known) alien scientist called Bertron . Krypton’s first tube-son was created. While his fathers didn’t live long enough to give him a name, he is known all over the galaxy as the Slayer God, the mighty devourer, the Punisher, Doomsday or even Deathmachine. Two-third of the planet missed the arrival of a new age for Krypton. Raoism.


The trauma that Doomsday brought upon Krypton, the loss of two third of Kryptons inhabitants gave the survivors a sense of mortality and intimacy among each other. The Kryptonians grew tighter with each other, and embraced the teachings of Rao – by whom we mean the untitled philosopher which in latter times was woven together with their god. Instead of building a religious institution, as common on Earth and many planets, the Kryptonians embraced a mindset of rationality, transcendent and optimism. Using science, they studied more closely their environment and the possibility of a spiritual realm within scientific theories. They formulated equations establishing the existence of the Many Worlds Theory using a more advance form of calculus and the Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe formula.

Using strict observation they concluded a strong connection between the physical self and their surroundings, as well the mental self and what they describe as “the mental self of the surrounding”. Akin to Japanese Shinto belief, the Kryptonians concluded that there existed a level of consciousness within dead and undead material, and that the sum of these materials could render a whole new side of the universe. It probable took a couple of thousands years to achieve, but eventually they mastered their inner-consciousness, and used it to tread into a whole new dimension. And eventually, I hypothesize, seized appearing in the plane of existence we do.

This all might look as a bunch of bad science fiction, but then again everything from such an advance race as the Kryptonians would in our eyes. I have the persistent understanding that one day these theories will seem less fantastical and we too can take exploration in a different step.

It is during the End of the Raoism age that five clans prominently rose in power and influence, even defining Krypton in the eyes of outsiders many years after their demise. They were: the Us-clan, the Thol-clan, the Rozan, the Starks and the house of El. While not being a democracy, a monarchy or perhaps any leader-driven society, the Kryptonians developed a way of working together and bringing out the fullest out of any potential. At the end of the age, the Kryptonians lost the need or desire for sexual intercourse and developed  a birthing matrix to spawn children[4]. Their genetics were closely monitored to ensure their mind and body would hold great capacity and potential in growth. Using this system, no child of a certain clan, house or family were genetically related to each other. This also means a zero percentage of related genes mixing up (with humans, there is a great chance that your partner is somehow related to you genetically). A child would be assigned to a clan, family or house by need or desire from the parents, and possibility of treading in the same profession. Say that a child has been generated with genes that promise strong bone structure and muscle growth. A family of say, spiritualist or warrior class would be assigned to care for that child (if they desire to do so) and the child would carry their surname. If the child would somehow stray from its predicted trajectory, it would be embraced and stimulated.

In the Kryptonian society people cared little in how well you conformed to a standard – they strived to propel beyond a known understanding of such subject. Even the clan of warriors sought to improve their sacred art with every generation.

Combine this with their discovery and exploration of many layers of world and dimensions, the Kryptonian had superseded their earlier reputation of “deadliest planet” to “most cultured and rational civilization ever”. Though, even with all their accomplishments, the Kryptonians had flaws – some of which actively contributed to their demise in present days.


First of all, lets bring Superman – our only known surviving Kryptonian – in mind. First, lets note his fasionstyle: Derived from his people, he wears bride primary colours and a big shield on his chest with his family crest (slightly modified to display a Earth-S letter) and a long cape. His suit is tight and presents his evolved muscles greatly, yet gracefully hiding certain parts of his autonomy. From this we can learn that Kryptonians were a very flamboyand and proud species. They dressed in bright and extravagant colours and designs to be distinct. They had capes to indicate a sense of authority or perhaps grace, since authority was not regarded highly in their culture. They also wore the crest of their family proudly on their chest, for all to see. Family bond was regarded much much higher. While not even having the tools or conditions to work out like human body builders do, Superman looks ripped and his costume shows every single bit of that. This can be likened to the ancient Greeks and Romans, proudly showing off the maximum of human potential[5].
 But aside from fashion, something else seems odd about Superman. Perhaps it’s that this alien lived among us for 30 years in a first world country – a life filled with nosy institutions and regular doctor’s checkups and examination. Despite stemming from a race preceding even the existence of our sun, he is identical to us in any way. His nails and hair grows like ours, his skin structure matches Caucasians (except the sun won’t burn him orange) and from childhood he has gone through a battery of vaccinations and tests and consumption of products without affecting him negatively. In fact, the only thing hurting him are relics from his own planet, and energy that stems from the same space that his species supposedly mastered. Yet, for the most part his skin cannot be broken, his eyes detect different spectrums, same as his ears and other senses. Plus, he can fly and has greater strength and speed than any human on Earth (the Crimson Crusader from Central City disregarded). His powers seem fictional and in any way incongruent to reality. How so?

A video[6] posted online captures one of the earliest appearances of Superman, even before donning his iconic costume. On an burning oil rig, the Man of Steel earned his nickname by holding an enflamed tower erect long enough for the rescue time to grab he survivors and get out of there. However, conforming to the laws of physics, the collapsing tower should have simply bended above the points he held it and crush the rescue team. But it didn’t. During the infamous Shuttle malfunction during his first appearance he once again achieved a physical impossibility. While the shuttle crashed into the football station, he grabbed the vehicle by the nose and stopped it from crashing into the audience. However, according to the mass and speed of the object, and him as a single immovable point, the shuttle should have ripped between his fingers and gone through him. However, spectators noted almost a ripple[7] going through the shuttle as Superman stopped it. 

This made me thinking.

Earlier, I wrote that during the peak of the Enlightening Age, the Kryptonians discovered a way to transcend in a higher plane and might have even lost their physical bodies in the process. What if, from their very origin, he Kryptonians didn’t look like humans at all? And that even Superman doesn’t look like a human in reality, but that we simply perceive him as one by our senses. Perhaps, unwillingly, he himself fixed that image after being raised in such mindset, so other species in the universe won’t view him in their likeness. Superman also noted that as a child he did not have superstrenght or any other powers, but gradually received them upon growing up – flying be the last. This could be an implication of Superman’s spirituality. While undeveloped as a child, with growing up he devised his own teachings resembling Kryptonian and Earthling philosophies, and thus became aware of his potential. The fact that we have a yellow sun might have also affected his growth. The origin of his species flowered upon a yellow sun, and in their dying years lived under a red dwarf. The yellow sun itself might somehow affect his spiritual body and “flow” out through his physical one. Perhaps inaccurate, lets name them with earth terminology. While flying, Superman is not using physics but rather moving his spiritual body, unaffected by gravity. His physical body following suit. And grabbing a plane or building without it breaking on its stresspoint might be his aura stretching out and keeping the construct intact. Viewing of different light spectrums and even x-ray vision could be him using millennia of genetically enhanced senses capable of detecting other planes of reality[8].

So then, with all these amazing powers, a very important question rises. How can a species so intelligent and so profound possible be extinct? Among the science community the most favorite speculations involve either their sun or their planet exploding. They would assume the arrogance of the Kryptonians would keep them from evacuating the planet. Others say that the Kryptonians believed they could not escape their planet without dying (a theory supported after discovering a planet in the same solarsystem that has a religion driving on space-phobia). The Donner and Snyder theories might differ from each other in what exactly blew up, but both attribute the demise actively on Krypton’s leaders being stubborn old men refusing to believe they were in any danger[9]. My favorite theory is the Millar-Origin[10], once part of the Philosopher Four community consisting of Millar, Morrison, Waid and Peyer, which speculated Superman is a time-traveling immigrant from our distant future. While not fully agreeing with the origin itself, I enjoyed the socio-political influence detailed in his work.

But lets first tackle the stubborn old men theory: Like I concluded earlier, the Kryptonians had no leader and perhaps not even a council. Plus, their whole society was about constantly improving themselves and being rational. Even if one man would have concluded something would blow up, certainly a dozen of clans would pop up, each holding fifty men or so, calculating and testing the possibilities of such prediction. Ergo, Kal-El’s father would have a lot of support if he was right, or would be terribly wrong and unnecessarily exposed his child to danger while Krypton lived. Though, we are sure that Krypton is gone, and so are all his inhabitants (save one). Superman himself has privately shown a hologram of his parents with their last words, and their environment seemed to be in a state of imminent destruction. Secondly, in the aftermath of a scam by unknown terrorist organizations involving letting people believe kryptionans intended on colonizing Earth, Luthercorp released a series of videos generated on a now destroyed device, displaying Krypton in a short span before its destruction. The videos from the terrorists, which strangely coincidence with the videos of Luthercorp, show the Kryptonians going into war and having a wide array of weapons and war machines. It was later discovered that those images stem from a time not too short from the planet’s demise, of something alien attacking the planet and leveling a big city. Some while after that, a civil War ignited stemming from the trauma of the alien invasion urging to an establishment of an authority. However, the peaceful nature and disgust for authority from most of the Kryptonians resisted the call for fascism and the lead perpetrators were in some way banished. But in the final images of their world falling apart, even the smartest man on Earth could not conclude whether it was the sun, the planet or something else exploding.
It seemed that whatever caught the Kryptonians, did it suddenly. And the craft which Kal El escaped with might have been made some while ago.  And that the event, whatever it was, captured the Kryptonians too fast to evacuate the whole planet, yet not too fast to prevent Jor-El and his wife to send their son on a trip to 

This will be my final hypothesis:

If your environment has a conscience, large enough to generate a whole new dimension, then could it be that somehow it could revolt against that which it deems harmful? Krypton is known for originally being a vicious planet, where everything could kill you in the blink of an eye. The Kryptonian people rose to being on top, exploiting their environment to ensure their survival and state of being, and even rising to another dimensional plane. What if the sum of the conscience from every material ever, detected them, shunned them for being different, and then evaporated them all? It would be as if everything around them was falling apart and turning against them. An Earth viewer would have no idea whats happening to these people in another plane of existence, and merely see it as “things getting destroyed”. It got to them all, conquering them all, and perhaps in a desperate final act, the Kryptonians destroyed their own planet. It might have even been Jor-El himself. His son existing on a different plane of existence, his wife could have extracted their DNA and formed a child based on random genetic mixing, a first in thousands of years. But still, while partially severed from the dimension of his parents, he would still have been visible from the conscience of the vengeful planet Krypton, wherever he’d go. So then, Jor-El, who had been chief science officer and former best friend of the greatest War General of Krypton, deployed a spiritual/physical bomb to free his son from the burden of the past. So he’d live a life on a new world, take upon a new family and name and take that world as his own. Learning from the world and giving something back. Teaching the people to avoid the path of violence and exploitation so that one day, we might live in peace with the collective conscience of our planet.


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